Preparing for Appeal

07 May 2010 Past Event

Houston Paralegal Association - Annual Spring CLE Seminar

Calculating deadlines

I. General rules

  • Do not count the first day (i.e. date of filing, date of receipt, date of judgment). Begin counting the day after the period starts. Tex. Gov’t Code § 311.014(a); TRAP 4.1(a); TRCP 4.
  • Count every day after the first day, including weekends and holidays unless the period is for less than five days. Tex. Gov’t Code § 311.014(b); TRAP 4.1(a); TRCP 4.
  • If the last day falls on the weekend or a legal holiday when the clerk’s office is closed or inaccessible, the deadline is the next day that is not a weekend or legal holiday. Tex. Gov’t Code § 311.014(b); TRAP 4.1; TRCP 4.

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