Foley Family Office Webinar Series: Coming Out of the Dark

21 May 2020 Webinar Past Event


While cities and states contemplate lifting mandatory shutdown orders, family offices are preparing for how and when to bring their employees back into the workplace. Return to work protocols will vary, and will require employers to face unique challenges based on their industry and/or geography. During this webinar, Foley Labor & Employment attorneys, Jessica Glaser Mason and Jack Lord laid the groundwork for implementing specific return to work plans, ensuring compliance, and keeping employees safe in the process.

Topics Discussed:

Getting Back to Work

  • Planning to Reopen and HR Management Issues to Consider 
  • Creating a Safe Workplace 
  • Temperature Testing Protocols, Facemasks and Other PPE 

ADA Issues in the Age of COVID-19 and Beyond

  • Recent EEOC Guidance on Medical Inquiries, Confidentiality, and Temperature Checks 
  • Reasonably Accommodating Employees When the Workplace Opens Up 
  • Intersection of the ADA (and State Law) With the FMLA and FFCRA 
  • Predictions of Future Hot Issues 

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Foley Family Office Webinar Series: Coming Out of the Dark