Peet Leads Course on Creating and Building Value in a High Tech Start-Up Company at George Mason University

09 January 2007 News

The course, Creating and Building Value in a High Tech Start-Up Company, is led by Richard Peet, Ph.D., J.D., chair of Foley’s Chemical & Pharmaceutical and International Practices. Dr. Peet, a former research scientist at the Free University, Amsterdam The Netherlands and Sandoz, brings many years of experience assisting hi-tech companies to protect, enforce, and commercialize technology in the U.S. and around the world.

This course is geared toward entrepreneurs working with any technology, including biotechnology, computer science, and nanotechnology, among others, and will provide practical tools for company formation and value capture, as well as many real world examples.


  • Tools needed to build value in a start-up company through proper protection of intellectual property assets
  • What types of employment, confidentiality and other agreements should be in place to properly capture and preserve rights in intellectual property assets
  • Approaches to company formation and raising capital
  • Strategies for commercializing intellectual assets through licensing, joint ventures or product development will be considered

Class Details:
Spring 2007 Semester
CSI 709 Section 8
Tuesday 4:30-7:10 pm
Innovation Hall Room 306
George Mason University
Fairfax Campus

To register for the course, please contact Megan Wilroy at

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