Partner Peter Vogel Discusses Apple, Google Dispute with E-Commerce Times

04 September 2012 News

E-Commerce Times connected with Peter S. Vogel, chair of the Firm's Internet, eCommerce and Technology Team, to discuss patent infringement allegations between Apple and Google. These companies' respective CEOs have discussed the dispute with each other, leading some onlookers to believe that settlement may be an option. An excerpt may be viewed below.

On the other hand, avoiding the courtroom through a negotiated truce undeniably makes sense, Peter S. Vogel, a partner with Gardere Wynne Sewell, told the E-Commerce Times. Why go through a protracted legal battle that could have surprising turns if a settled offer gets you at least some of what you want?

Also, Samsung has vowed to appeal; Apple can count on years of legal wrangling with Samsung.

The full article may be accessed here.

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