The Wall Street Journal Discusses Energy Future's Venue Debate with Partner John Melko

21 May 2014 News

The Wall Street Journal's Bankruptcy Beat spoke with Gardere Partner John P. Melko about the venue debate in Texas-based Energy Future Holdings Corp.'s bankruptcy case.

"Energy Future actually has, almost exclusively, all of its business, all of its assets, in Texas," Mr. Melko said. "For those people looking at it without an axe to grind, it is thought to be a much stronger venue case than Enron [a Texas-based company who had filed for Chapter 11 protection in New York] was."

Although Mr. Melko is representing a creditor in the case, he noted he isn't taking a side on the venue issue. "At times, I think that there's a perception that because the courts in New York and Delaware tend to get more of the Chapter 11s that they're the only judges who can do it," he said, adding that the judges in the Northern District of Texas are "equally up the task."

The complete blog post can be found here.

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