Gardere's Mexico City Joint Venture Partner Becomes a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of the Firm

04 August 2014 News

Latin Lawyer covered the recent announcement of Gardere's longtime joint venture partner, Arena y Asociados S.C., becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardere. Roberto Arena, former managing partner of Arena y Asociados and newly appointed executive partner of Gardere's Mexico City office, believes closer cooperation will increase cross-selling opportunities between the Firm's U.S. and Mexico offices, while simultaneously boosting the quality of communication, particularly on strategic matters.

Gardere Chair Holland N. O'Neil reported that the two firms started considering the full merger about a year ago.

"With the general economic growth in Mexico and the tax and energy reforms, the opportunities for growing our Mexico legal business seemed to be at an all-time high," Ms. O'Neil said. "We thought that it would be more efficient if we pursued them together, both so we could pool our resources and because it would avoid certain duplications."

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