Neuberger Quoted on Fair Labor Standards Act Supreme Court Decision

10 December 2014 Inside Counsel News

Inside Counsel

Attorney Mark Neuberger was quoted in an Inside Counsel article, “Pro-Employer Ruling from Supreme Court on Integrity Case Reaffirms Compensation Practices,” on December 10, 2014. The article examined the unanimous Integrity Staffing Solutions v. Busk ruling made by the United States Supreme Court, which reaffirmed that employers not need pay employees for post-work activities such as security screenings. Neuberger was quoted saying, “While they should carefully reexamine whether the activities that they require hourly employees to perform before or after their shifts have to be paid, this is a technically complex area. Employers will shoot themselves in the foot if they read too much into this decision and assume anything before or actual work should now be unpaid.”

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