Peter Vogel Comments on Elon University's Bi-Annual Threats to Net Access Survey

29 June 2015 News

Elon University's blog Imagining the Internet covered results from a 2014 survey with the Pew Internet Project regarding the future of internet threats. Partner Peter S. Vogel, along with other internet experts and highly engaged netizens, were asked to share their opinions as to whether or not they believe there will be detrimental changes to the way in which people receive and share content online by 2025. 

Survey respondents expressed concern over corporate surveillance and predict that monitoring vast amounts of online activity could eventually limit sharing and access to online knowledge. "Privacy issues are the most serious threat to accessing and sharing internet content in 2014, and there is little reason to expect that to change by 2025, particularly given the cyber terror threats confronting the Internet users and worldwide businesses," said Mr. Vogel. 

Imagining the Internet is a multi-section resource containing a network of Elon University faculty, students, staff, alumni, advisers and friends working to identify, explore and engage with the challenges and opportunities of evolving communications forms and issues. 

Full survey results can be accessed here.

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