Foley CEO Jay Rothman Profiled in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

03 August 2015 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Foley Chairman and CEO Jay Rothman was profiled in a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article, “Foley & Lardner Adapting to Technological Change and Expanding in Global Economy,” on August 3, 2015. In the Q&A, Rothman explained the impact of technology on the legal industry and how the firm is embracing change to increase efficiency and find creative solutions for clients.

“If you were a manufacturer in Milwaukee 50 years ago, you might have sold into the Milwaukee market and that's all the part of the world that you needed to know,” Rothman said. “Over time, as we've grown nationally, manufacturing has grown nationally and now globally…And you think about how much more complex the world is if you're dealing with import-export issues, you're dealing with different cultural issues, you're dealing with different regulatory schemes, because what's legal here may very well be illegal in China and vice-versa.”


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