Partner Thomas Hagemann Discusses Favorite Legal Movie with Texas Super Lawyers

01 October 2015 News

Texas Super Lawyers asked Gardere Partner Thomas A. Hagemann, along with other attorneys from across the state, what their favorite legal movies are and why. Mr. Hagemann selected To Kill a Mockingbird because of the bravery and nobility of the film’s character, Atticus Finch.

“For all trial lawyers, it towers above the genre as Shakespeare looms over all playwrights,” said Mr. Hagemann. “…I watch this movie in a state of perpetual goose bumps, choke back the tears and wish that I could always embody as many good things as does Mr. Atticus Finch—the honest and honorable citizen, the best and bravest father, the most decent and courageous trial lawyer…ever.”

The full issue can be viewed here.