Gardere Chair Holly O’Neil Featured in Texas Tech Law School Alumni Magazine

01 November 2015 News

Texas Tech Lawyer, the alumni magazine for the Texas Tech University School of Law, featured Gardere Chair Holland N. O’Neil in an article titled “At the Helm.” The article discusses alumni who have progressively risen through the ranks in their legal professions, noting that legal managers who delegate projects and communicate expectations like Ms. O’Neil are better equipped to focus on their firms’ growth.

“What I am interested in is ensuring the longevity of our client relationships, and a strong platform for all of our lawyers to be able to be successful and increase their client base,” said Ms. O’Neil. “In a shrinking global economy, we don’t want to be viewed as just a Texas firm. To serve the needs of our clients, that means on an almost-daily basis going beyond the borders of Texas.”

The full publication can be accessed here.