ABC13 Covers 20th Annual MLK Jr. Oratory Competition in Houston

18 January 2016 News

ABC13 featured Gardere’s 20th Annual MLK Jr. Oratory Final Competition held at the historic Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Houston. Richard Espinosa-Garza, a fifth-grade student from Cornelius Elementary, took first place in the Houston Competition.

Twelve fourth- and fifth-grade students competed at the Houston finals event and presented original speeches answering the question: "What would Dr. King say in his campaign speech if he were running for president this year?”

“As your president, I want to lead this country into the glorious light of love,” said Mr. Espinosa-Garza speaking from Dr. King’s point of view. “I will work tirelessly with Reunite America partners to seal the gaps of hate with the bonds of brotherhood so that while our soldiers are away fighting for our freedom, our communities are home strengthening our foundations.”

The full article can be found here. For more information about the Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory competition, including videos of the winning speeches, click here