Foley Attorneys Contribute to Florida Telehealth Bill

22 March 2016 Media Contact: Dan Farrell News
Attorneys in Foley’s telemedicine practice, including Partner Nathaniel Lacktman and Public Affairs Directors Christian Caballero and Paul Lowell, have been instrumental in drafting Florida Legislation related to the expansion of telehealth throughout the state. On April 14, 2016, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed the bill, which will create a formal Telehealth Advisory Council within Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Ultimately, the bill may pave a path for commercial insurance coverage law.

The Telehealth Advisory Council will be tasked with collecting and analyzing data from all interested stakeholders, including insurers, doctors, hospitals and so forth. In turn, the council will generate a report containing policy recommendations to increase the use and accessibility of telehealth services, as well as any barriers that should be removed.

Lacktman, Caballero and Lowell worked in connection with the Telehealth Association of Florida (TAF) to help draft the legislation. For more information on telemedicine, telehealth, virtual care and other health innovations, including the team, publications and other materials, visit Foley’s Telemedicine Practice.