Tilleman Quoted on Repealing the ACA and Potential Benefits for Health Care Executives

16 January 2017 Managed Healthcare Executive News

Managed Healthcare Executive

Morgan Tilleman was quoted in a Managed Healthcare Executive article, “Six things to know: How health execs might benefit from Trump’s plans,” which focuses on President Trump’s plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and how this and other health care reforms could benefit managed health care executives.

When discussing limited medical underwriting for certain factors, including age and tobacco use, Tilleman said, “These underwriting restrictions make the young and healthy bear more than their fair share of the costs of individual health insurance and have contributed to huge premium increases.” He adds, “Under the ACA, insurers are unable to appropriately price health risk, which puts the entire individual market at risk of collapse. If Trump and Congress remove the ACA’s restrictions on underwriting, they will make a big contribution to restoring a healthy individual health insurance market.”

Tilleman also spoke to initiatives to improve the Medicaid program. “Insurers will have the opportunity to work with states in developing and implementing new Medicaid programs with block granted money; these programs could advance the use of medical homes and quality-driven healthcare that could pay dividends well beyond Medicaid in the future.”

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