Ferrante Quoted on Medical Areas Where Telehealth Best Drives Revenue

24 March 2017 Part B News News

Part B News

TJ Ferrante was quoted in a Part B News article, “Four Areas Where Telehealth, Though Under-Covered, Can Bring in Revenue,” which discusses the top four medical spaces aside from Medicare where telehealth services have the greatest revenue-building potential.

Ferrante was quoted numerous times throughout the article, sharing his experience in and forecasts for each of the four spaces. For example, he explained that within Medicare Advantage and Medicaid managed care, the plans “are encouraged to develop new and innovative ways to provide care and are generally subject to fewer restrictions of telehealth services.”

Ferrante continues to serve as a primary source, discussing revenue from telehealth as it also relates to concierge medicine, new technology and patients who are willing to travel for services post-telehealth consultation.