Simon Reappointed to Federal Defender Services Board of Directors

12 April 2017 Media Contact: Dan Farrell News

Partner David Simon has been reappointed to the board of directors of the Federal Defender Services of Wisconsin (FDSW), representing both the Eastern and Western Districts in alignment with the United State District Courts. Ordered on March 16, 2017 nunc pro tunc October 1, 2016, Simon’s board seat continuation will run until September 30, 2019.

The FDSW is a private entity funded by the federal judiciary and thus holds a sense of independence from its respective courts, judges and adverse prosecutors. The organization, comprised of well-respected attorneys across Wisconsin, assists and represents financially-burdened defendants in various criminal justice cases. The FDSW’s goal is to eradicate the issue that individuals in these situations will struggle due to their lack of funds. Simon has previously served on the FDSW board of directors and plans to continue working tirelessly to make positive change for these defendants in need of top-notch yet affordable legal services.

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