Ferrante and Lacktman Quoted on Florida’s Cut of Telemedicine out of Medical Marijuana Law

15 June 2017 mHealthIntelligence News
Attorneys Nate Lacktman and TJ Ferrante were recently quoted in an mHealthIntelligence article, “Florida Cuts Telemedicine out of New Medical Marijuana Law,” covering, as they relate to the newly passed legislation, the requirements of telemedicine-based medical marijuana exams and the legal precautions for marijuana use, possession and production.

Lacktman and Ferrante explained, “even in states that allow telemedicine-based examinations for medical marijuana, providers should keep in mind that the examination for the condition for which medical marijuana is being recommended must be an appropriate prior examination and meet the standard of care.”

Lacktman continued by saying, “it is also important to note federal law still criminalizes the possession, use, and sale of marijuana. The new Florida law does not immunize violations of such federal law or any non-medical use, possession, or production of marijuana.”

Lacktman’s and Ferrante’s quotes were sourced from their recent Health Care Law Today blog post, which can be found here.