Lacktman Comments on Proposed Telemedicine Regulations in Washington, D.C.

10 October 2017 mHealth Intelligence News
Partner Nathaniel Lacktman is quoted in a mHealth Intelligence article, “Telehealth in the Nation’s Capital: DC Board Mulls Regulations,” about proposed telemedicine legislation in the District of Columbia that would enable health care providers to establish a doctor-patient relationship there as long as they first get the patient’s permission to use the technology.

Lacktman said the latest draft of the proposed regulations clarifies the definition of telemedicine and revises the modality required to create a valid physician-patient relationship. He also said it tweaks the definition of real-time to mean a system in which information is provided in such a way as to allow near immediate feedback. The previous draft defined real-time as “simultaneously or quickly enough to allow two or more individuals to communicate,” he said.