Rothman Discusses Foley’s Future in BizTimes Milwaukee

02 October 2017 BizTimes Milwaukee News
Foley Chairman Jay Rothman was featured in BizTimes Milwaukee’s monthly Q&A “5 Minutes with ...” about the firm’s efforts to help support the city and state’s economic growth. Rothman discussed how the firm has helped the city and state grow over its 175-year history and how it plans to continue to play a role in the future.

“I think you continually focus on the things that can help entrepreneurs. One is with the great university systems and the amount of technology being spun off, can we do an even better job than we have right now in terms of commercializing that technology? Are we providing the support to entrepreneurs? I have sensed a substantial change over time in terms of the entrepreneurial climate here and I’m hopeful that it continues to grow. If you go back to some of the history of the state and some of the history of our firm, there are a lot of great entrepreneurs: Harley-Davidson, the Johnson family in Racine, all of these businesses that grew up over time,” he said in response to a question about Wisconsin’s entreprenuerial climate.