Gardere MLK Jr. Oratory Competition Covered in Prominent National Publications

15 January 2018 News

Bustle, Yahoo! News and Blaze Share Dallas Winner’s Speech

Gardere’s Annual MLK Jr. Oratory Competition has made headlines not only in Texas but also nationally. Most recently, three prominent national outlets – Bustle, Yahoo! News and The Blaze – covered the 2018 Dallas competition and its winner Wesley Stoker’s message of acceptance and understanding regardless of appearance. 

“As the United States celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday Monday, a Dallas boy's MLK Jr. speech has revealed an important message about equality, kindness and love,” reported Bustle.

As Yahoo! News put it, “If you have five minutes to spare, it may be worth giving 9-year-old Wesley Stoker your attention. Particularly on a day when we recognize the impact of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on American civil rights.”

The articles are available to view via these links: