Gomez-Strozzi Quoted on NAFTA Negotiations

29 August 2018 El Financiero News

Partner Alejandro Gómez Strozzi was quoted in the El Financiero the article, “Ven complicado TLC sin Canadá,” warning that the Trump administration could not present a bilateral treaty only with Mexico this Friday, instead of NAFTA, because Congress only granted the power to negotiate a trilateral agreement.“The U.S. has the faculty to negotiate a trilateral treaty with Mexico and Canada, and the only instrument that can be submitted to Congress, under the current capabilities, is thus a trilateral treaty.

In order for the U.S. government to present a bilateral free trade agreement with either Canada or Mexico to Congress, the administration would first need to leave the existing trilateral treaty, to then start bilateral negotiations, after getting the authorization from Congress, he added.

Spanish language PDF provided below.

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