Lacktman Comments on Value of Telehealth Technology During Natural Disasters

24 August 2018 mHealthIntelligence News
Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in an mHealthIntelligence article, “Using Telehealth Technology for Care Coordination During a Disaster,” about the use of telehealth to extend emergency care services when disaster strikes.

During a disaster, Lacktman said, the victims’ needs are not limited to medical care. “Natural disasters are emotionally traumatic, and victims can access licensed mental health professionals and psychiatrists to help with the emotional and psychological burden,” he said.

Due to the highly portable nature of telemedicine technology, Lacktman added, victims displaced to shelters or cities outside their hometown can continue to maintain contact with their treating providers. “On-site first responders can also bring with them new digital health devices as a small, lightweight substitute for bulky traditional diagnostic tools,” he said.