Stone Discusses Use of Data Analytics to Improve Business Performance, Enrich Customer Relationships

01 October 2018 Hedgeweek News
Partner Evan Stone was quoted in a Hedgeweek article, “Orchestrating data analytics to enhance the investor experience,” about how data analytics techniques can be used to personalize client experiences for investment managers.

Stone said finding the right talent can be a significant challenge, especially for mid-sized fund managers. “Large managers have the resources, small managers are not being targeted by investors for their analytics capabilities, so it could be that those in the middle will suffer the most,” he said.

He mentioned a couple of billion-dollar hedge funds he spoke to recently who told him they were putting all of their resources into hiring data scientists and software engineers. “There’s a sense that it’s becoming an arms race, to some degree, with respect to data science,” he said. “Even managers who are much more fundamentally driven feel that they need to build out their data analytics and technology teams, but it’s expensive. Mid-sized managers just don’t have the resources or talent to compete in this brave new world.”

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