Jacquot Comments on Democratic AG Gains

16 November 2018 Law360 News
Partner Joe Jacquot was quoted in a Law360 article, "Dem AG Gains May Spur State Financial Services Action," about the possibility that the midterm election results might precipitate an increase in state enforcement actions against banks and other financial services firms.

Jacquot said that compared to the last few election cycles, the Nov. 6 election marked a resurgence on the Democratic attorney general side. "I think those AGs - not only the ones that won in significant states, like Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada, but also as a whole - feel a new motivation, and I think you're going to see them press that in enforcement actions," he said.

The vast majority of those elections were run against Trump and his policies, Jacquot noted. "When you run a campaign on those issues, particularly as a first-time candidate for this office, and you're elected, there's not only an obligation but also a motivation to make good on those promises," he said.

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