Arena and Camarena Quoted in El Economista

27 January 2019 El Economista News
Partners Roberto Arena and Fernando Camarena were quoted in the El Economista article, "Falta claridad en estímulos fiscales para la frontera norte" about the Decree of Fiscal Incentives North Border Region, signed by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Camarena stated that the reduction in the VAT rate and the ISR will be reflected in a reduction of collection; however, he added that the intent is that this reduction will be off-set once the increase in commercial and production activity is achieved in the cities where the measures will be applied.

Arena explained that the tax benefits provided in the decree will be valid for two years. This period will allow enough time to evaluate the impact of these measures and to consider whether they should be made permanent by law. Furthermore, Arena estimated that the positive effects of these measures may be seen in as little as six months