Lacktman Discusses What 2019 Holds for Telemedicine

15 January 2019 DistilNFO News
Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in the DistilNFO article, “Will Telehealth and mHealth Fulfill Their Potential in 2019?” about whether 2019 will be the tipping point for connected health.

Lacktman predicts 2019 will bring a surge in on-demand virtual care. “I firmly believe that direct-to-consumer asynchronous telemedicine services will be the hottest area in telehealth for 2019,” he says. “Many of these companies are thinking bigger, and pairing clinically valid medical protocols with at-home diagnostic tests, or even FDA-approved software integrated into their app.”

“The low cost and high user experience of asynchronous e-commerce has been seen across all industries, and healthcare is no different,” Lacktman adds. “Good medicine should be more than merely treating a disease; it should also offer patients a satisfying experience at an affordable price point. I welcome this next wave of innovative virtual care companies that place the patient-consumer experience at the forefront.”