Becker’s Features Findings From Foley’s 50-State Telehealth Commercial Payer Statute Survey

04 December 2019 Becker's Hospital Review News

Becker’s Hospital Review featured key findings from Foley’s 50-State Telehealth Commercial Payer Statute Survey in the article, “States continue to adopt telehealth commercial payer coverage, survey finds.”

According to Becker’s, the five key insights from the report included:

1. Currently, 42 states and Washington, D.C., have some type of telehealth commercial payer statute in place.

2. While telehealth coverage has expanded in recent years, reimbursement and payment parity has lagged; 16 states currently have laws that address reimbursement of telehealth services.

3. Only 10 states offer true payment parity laws for reimbursement rates for in-person and telehealth services. These states are Arkansas, Delaware, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, New Mexico, Utah and Virginia.

4. Thirteen states require commercial health plans to cover remote patient monitoring services.

5. Twenty-four states require coverage for store and forward asynchronous telehealth, which allows providers to electronically transfer medical information through a secure platform, such as email.