Neuberger Quoted in The Wall Street Journal About Impact of Stimulus Bill on Unemployment Benefits

31 March 2020 The Wall Street Journal News
Of Counsel Mark Neuberger was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “Unemployment Questions Answered: Do You Qualify for Benefits? What’s a Furlough vs a Layoff?” about how the federal stimulus bill impacts unemployment benefits and other labor and employment issues. The article noted the distinction between layoffs and furloughs and how the distinctions impact unemployment insurance eligibility and even benefits.
According to Neuberger, both workers who have been furloughed and laid off are still eligible for unemployment insurance, though the amount of the benefit varies by state.
“The difference between furlough and layoff shouldn’t matter for unemployment because unemployment generally looks at each workweek and determines if I’m making money or not,” he said.
Employers who intend to keep paying health benefits usually furlough employees, he added.

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