Waltz Comments on CMS Blanket Waivers of Hospital Stay Requirements Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

23 March 2020 Report on Medicare Compliance News
Partner Judith Waltz was quoted in the Report on Medicare Compliance article, “COVID-19 Waivers: Some SNFs Refuse Hospital Patients Anyway, MA Coverage is Better” about CMS’ blanket waiver of hospital stay requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to free up hospital beds.
The blanket waivers for excluded-part units are based on cost-report categories, Waltz said. “This gives hospitals flexibility to use the space without worrying about the cost-report implications.”
Waltz added that the waivers for skilled nursing facilities are heartfelt. “This is a recognition that the beneficiaries are suffering,” she said.  Waltz said she understands, however, that given their vulnerability, skilled nursing facilities may hope patients complete three-day in hospital stays prior to be transferred to their facilities and are in better shape by the time they get there.
Waltz is the co-chair of Foley’s Health Care Industry Team.
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