Rodriguez Quoted in International About Temporary Visas Amid Pandemic

15 May 2020 International News

Associate Vaitiari Rodriguez was quoted in the International article, “Canadian Lawyers in U.S. Worry Amid Closed Borders, Travel Bans and Tougher Immigration Rules,” about the concerns that Canadian lawyers working in the United States on temporary, non-immigrant visas have amid the pandemic.

Their movement has been restricted during the pandemic, and many are unsure whether they can leave the U.S. and come back. Rodriguez noted that some of these temporary visas also serve as a bridge to becoming a permanent U.S. resident, a path used by many foreign lawyers. 

For now, Rodriguez said, foreign nationals can still apply for a change of visa status without having to leave the U.S. But she said she still worries about the backlog of applications. Earlier this year, the U.S. closed consulates and suspended premium processing options. 

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