Strode Quoted in Los Angeles Business Journal About Struggling Home Health Care Business Amid Pandemic

25 May 2020 Los Angeles Business Journal News

Partner Roger Strode was quoted in the Los Angeles Business Journal article, “Care Agencies Struggling,” which looked at the struggles of the home health care industry amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many home health care businesses have seen their patient stream and revenue dry up due to the pandemic because hospitals stopped almost all non-urgent surgeries in March. Post-surgical care provides a large stream of patients and revenue for the industry. Those agencies that generate most of their work from home health aides providing daily care to patients who are chronically ill or with limited mobility in six-hour or eight-hour shifts have fared somewhat better.

“If you’re a home health agency where a lot of the work is based on episodical, post-surgical care, then right now, you’re caught up in this bottleneck of halted hospital surgeries,” Strode said.

“This bottleneck will loosen up over the next several months, but like so much else with today’s economy, it’s a matter of having the wherewithal to get from here to there, especially for smaller, less capitalized agencies,” he added.

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