Lacktman Discusses Hurdles to Implementing Telemedicine By Smaller Providers

29 June 2020 Healthcare IT News News

Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in a Healthcare IT News article, “Here’s how smaller practices can prepare for continuing telehealth demands,” about the hurdles to implementing telemedicine programs among smaller practices.

Lacktman said smaller practices historically have faced a lack of resources, a lack of strategic decision-making, a lack of time and attention to devote to telehealth, and a lack of reimbursement opportunities. “A fee-for-service-based reimbursement system is a very difficult sentiment to realign,” he said.

Smaller practices looking to prepare for ongoing telemedicine needs should think creatively, he added. “Think about: What are my patient’s needs? Where are they coming from? What technology could benefit them and my professional staff at the same time?” he said.