Gomez Strozzi, Carrasco, Valenzuela Quoted on Outlook for Automotive, Agri-Food Sectors in Mexico

23 September 2020 Milenio News

Partners Alejandro Gomez-Strozzi and Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca, and Associate Javier Valenzuela were quoted in a Milenio article, “Automotive and agri-food sectors will drive recovery: specialists,” about the prospect that the export sector will help Mexico recover from the economic downturn brought on by the coronavirus pandemic.


Gomez-Strozzi said that agri-food production and the automobile sector will lead the way. “The reason is that we are linked to the largest importer in the world, which is the United States, a country that also has a trade war with China, which will allow us to fill economic spaces in a very clear way,” he said.


Carrasco said that Mexico’s exports are primarily linked to consumption in the United States, which, by restricting imports from China, will benefit Mexico. “Of course, the agri-food and automotive sectors will be the major beneficiaries, and to maintain this line and even broaden the spectrum of benefited sectors, the federal government, through the Ministry of the Economy, should facilitate access to export promotion programs,” he said.


Valenzuela said the federal government should establish and update clear rules for the granting of such programs, “with a view to providing security for investments, and preventing modify requirements and evaluation criteria suddenly.”


The article also appeared in:


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