Morgan Tilleman Interviewed on Potential Life Insurance Implications for COVID-19 Patients

08 October 2021 News

Partner Morgan Tilleman was interviewed for a story that appeared on titled, “Life Insurance Costs Could Soon Increase for People Who Have Battled COVID-19.” The article explores whether having had COVID-19 may become a threat to securing life insurance or a reason to be charged more for a policy.

Morgan shared that any potential to insurance coverage for virus survivors will be delayed until insurers have more information. “Life insurance underwriting moves more slowly than almost anything else in the economy because there’s sort of a general requirement that the rates and the way they’re made must be supported by actuarial analysis and that’s a high standard,” he went on to add.

This article was also republished by additional outlets, including St Louis Post-Dispatch, Yahoo! Money, The Buffalo News, and Omaha World-Herald.

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