Andrew Lee Interviewed on the Law Firm Race for NFT and Blockchain Expertise

01 November 2021 Bloomberg Law News

Of Counsel Andrew “Andy” Lee was quoted in Bloomberg Law on law firm efforts to build blockchain practices to capitalize on the rapidly growing technology and address client needs. Andy cautioned against pigeonholing the practice within a firm’s blockchain practice group, saying, “This is an area that is evolving on its own as we speak, so I don’t think it’s wise to try to limit it to a particular area.” He continued, “we have members of the task force from the various different disciplines across the firm, because we recognize that this is an area that touches on a lot of different subject matters and legal skills.”

Andy underscored the importance of a diverse legal offering, explaining those who want to venture into the world of NFTs could face legal matters ranging from securities laws and intellectual property to litigation, private equity, and tax law.