Foley Partner Louis Lehot Quoted in LegalTech News on Legal Technology Innovation Predictions

04 January 2022 LegalTech News News

Foley Partner Louis Lehot was recently quoted in a LegalTech News article, "Legal Tech's Predictions for Legal Technology Innovation in 2022."  Lehot commented, “As practical quantum computers edge closer to reality, others are developing algorithms that are intractable even for quantum computers. Our current legal system has not contemplated the world of probabilities that quantum computing will enable. Cybersecurity will be endangered, and unhackable quantum cryptography will need to be created in response. Safety systems to deter and prevent cybercrime is urgent. The terabytes of personal information will need to be protected and collected at each point of transmission, wherever it is stored, analyzed, monetized, and used. Competition will need to be preserved while rolled out, lest the first adopter squelches all others. Cloud compute power and orchestration platforms will need to evolve. Ultimately, we will have to decide what decisions are appropriately made by a quantum computer versus a human.”

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