Mark Neuberger Quoted on Remote Work Arrangements and Policy Changes

13 May 2022 The Washington Post News

Foley & Lardner LLP Of Counsel Mark Neuberger is quoted in The Washington Post article, “Ask Help Desk: If I take a remote job, can I be forced into an office?” discussing how employers are luring workers with remote and hybrid working agreements back into the office and what happens if a policy changes.

“The employer can do whatever they want,” said Neuberger. “If they say, ‘We change our minds,’ the employee is kind of stuck. But employers probably will try to keep policies even across the board, especially if it wants to keep its workers happy. Even an anti-union employer would be wise to extend the benefits it gives its union workers to its nonunion workers. If you treat unionized employees better than the others, everyone will just go join the union.”

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