E-Discovery: The Basics of Information Technology

01 June 2008 Publication

Headnotes, Dallas Bar Association

Information technology is an essential component of every lawyer’s practice and every client is dependent upon IT. It should not be a surprise that more than 95 percent of information is electronic. Consequently, nearly every lawsuit today has, and in the future will involve electronically stored information (also referred to as ESI).

This article will describe some basic information about IT so that you will be better equipped to help your clients, particularly in the context of how ESI is used as evidence in litigation.

The IT Language

Just like lawyers have jargon that we all learn in law school and in areas of specialization, IT workers communicate with each other using their own jargon. Being able to use a computer is not enough. Lawyers must have a working knowledge of IT language to address e-discovery issues. Both the Dallas Bar Association and the State Bar of Texas have Computer Technology Sections that can help.

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