Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Third Edition

21 December 2011 Thomson Reuters Publication
Author(s): Michael M. Conway

Thomson Reuters

Partner Michael Conway and Associate Katherine Spitz contributed to a Thomson Reuters book titled “Business and Commercial Litigation in Federal Courts, Third Edition."


Learn from the experience of these litigators and judges in handling commercial litigation from inception to resolution. Provides you with guidance on all phases of the litigation, including investigation, pleadings, motions, discovery, trials, appeals, settlement, and enforcement of judgments. Expand your practice with comprehensive, strategy-oriented coverage of every phase of a commercial case, from the assessment that takes place at the very inception, through pleading and discovery stages, motions, trial, post trial and appeal. Extensive emphasis on discovery rules and strategy including chapters on case evaluation, depositions, document requests, discovery of electronic information, interrogatories, and requests for admissions.

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