Keep Austin in Compliance: A New Ordinance Shakes Up Employers

21 February 2018 Publication

Texas Lawyer

Frederick W. Sultan, a member of the firm’s labor and employment practice in Austin, was recently published in Texas Lawyer following the passing vote of the city’s controversial mandatory sick leave ordinance. Its passage makes Austin the first city in Texas to require employers to provide paid sick leave for their employees. 

“Employers that already provide paid sick leave or paid time off are not required to provide additional leave so long as their existing policies are aligned with the ordinance,” writes Sultan. “However, employers should be aware that the ordinance contains many requirements that may not be present in many existing leave policies. For example, many existing policies do not provide leave for part-time or seasonal employees. Under the ordinance, such employees must be provided leave if they work 80 hours in Austin within a calendar year.”

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