New Regulatory Burdens for Consumer Protection in Mexico

09 February 2018 Publication
Authors: Roberto Arena Reyes Retana Fernando Camarena Cardona Marco Antonio Najera Martinez

Latin American Corporate Counsel Association

Private practice lawyers outline the recent reforms strengthening product safety and consumer protection legislation in Mexico and what companies need to know.

In January the Federal Official Gazette published certain amendments to the Federal Law of Consumer Protection, a reform which strengthens the authority on the matter – the Consumer Protection Agency (PROFECO) –  and generates new burdens and potential liabilities for companies.

Marco Najera, Roberto Arena and Fernando Camarena from international firm Gardere, Arena y Asociados S.C. outline exactly how companies will have to modify processes, reduce legal risks, limit the scope of the responsibilities of the entity and its employees, as well as communication measures with the relevant authorities and consumers.

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