The DOL’s FFCRA Rights Poster – For Break Rooms and for Those at Home

26 March 2020 Blog
Authors: Kenneth C. Broodo
Published To: Coronavirus Resource Center Labor & Employment Law Perspectives

As of April 1st, if you are a private employer of less than 500 employees (or a public agency or other non-private entity as defined by law), it will be time to post notice of the new federal leave laws addressing the coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, the posting will give notice to employees of their rights to Paid Sick Leave and Expanded Family and Medical Leave under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act—the FFCRA.

A PDF of the required posting, as just issued by Department of Labor per congressional mandate, can be found here.

The FFCRA only requires posting on the “premises” of the employer.  However, with so many employees working from (or sheltering in place at) home, consider giving notice not only via traditional break room postings, but also by sending the PDF to employees by email, and posting it in employee-accessible Company intranets.  (For all-virtual employers, this would be the only means of compliance.)

If it’s helpful, here is model language for such an email or posting, which can be modified as desired:

To All Employees

The new federal Families First Coronavirus Response Act—the FFCRA—creates special employee leave rights in light of the coronavirus pandemic.  A summary of those rights can be found in the new posting from the Department of Labor (the DOL), here.

The DOL has also issued a helpful summary of the law for employees, here, and FAQs, here.

Please review the summary of rights posting.  If you have any questions or believe you may qualify for leave under the FFCRA, do not hesitate to contact the Human Resources Department.

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