Hey, I Got Your Market Right Here! - 2007 Private Target Deal Points Study


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As the holiday season approaches, we know your deepest, darkest fear: “What will I talk about at all those parties?” Fear not because the 2007 Private Target M&A Deal Points Study (the “2007 Study”) is here!

For years, our investment banking friends have had market metrics at their fingertips through services such as mergermarket and Thomson Financial. With last year’s release of the fi rst annual Private Target Deal Points Study (together with its companion Public Target Deal Points Study), deal lawyers gained a reliable resource for market benchmarks on commonly negotiated M&A issues. Produced and published by the M&A Market Trends
Subcommittee of the ABA’s Committee on Negotiated Acquisitions (the “NAC”), the 2007 Study is chock full of data points that are guaranteed to not only delight your inner deal geek but also make you the life of the party!

The Study Sample

The 2007 Study analyzed 143 publicly available acquisition agreements that were filed with the SEC by public buyers of private targets in transactions which closed in 2006 (the “2006 deals”). Continuing our middle-market focus, the transaction values ranged between $25 and $500 million. Of note is the fact that our fi nal study sample excluded deals involving bankruptcies, reverse mergers, and other “outlier” deals.

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