Personalized Medicine

Foley’s Personalized Medicine attorneys counsel you on matters involving the development and IP protection of genetic testing procedures and mobile health care, payer coverage issues, and patient privacy protection, among many others.

Our clients operating in the personalized medicine space recognize the rewards in bringing new products to market, while acknowledging some of the uncertainties and risks involved as regulatory and policy issues remain unanswered. Foley’s Personalized Medicine attorneys offer experience in cross-disciplinary areas, including business and private equity, regulatory, privacy, reimbursement, health care, and IP to help you as you do business in this emerging space.

Foley's Personalized Medicine Bulletin provides insight on the latest developments on various related topics.

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12 November 2019
Personalized Medicine Bulletin
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15 October 2019
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03 September 2019
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20 May 2019
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10 October 2014
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13 March 2014
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20 March 2012
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11 January 2010