Collective Bargaining

Our collective bargaining role is determined by your needs, and we will serve in whatever role best meets your business objectives: as the chief spokesperson, as an advisor “at the table,” or as a behind-the-scenes legal consultant/strategist. We have significant experience in most major industries, including hospital and health care services, retail, media and communications, construction, heavy and light manufacturing, transportation, and public utilities. Depending on your situation, we can bargain individually, engage in collective bargaining, or coordinate multi-location, multi-union bargaining.

We also can help you plan for and negotiate organizational change, such as the introduction of new technology, layoffs and reductions of classifications, restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, integration of separate bargaining units, conversion of benefit plans, buyouts, alternative work force, contracting out, and facility relocation and/or closure, emphasizing:

  • Careful and constant planning and preparation
  • Extensive communications with your senior executives and employees
  • A thorough understanding of your negotiating goals and priorities and, when requested, assistance in establishing the goals and priorities
  • Continuous focus on your company’s long-term objectives
  • Credibility with and the respect of the union
  • Comprehensive strike contingency plans