Foley Collaborate Help

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To Access Foley Collaborate:

  1. Type into your browser URL field.
  2. Input your email address and password, then click on the gray Log In button. If you have any trouble logging in from the Client Login page, see troubleshooting options below.
  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions to enter the data room.
  4. Watch this video on how to log in and change your password.

To Access and Upload Files:

  1. Click on the Files tab to upload documents or view the files in the data room.
  2. Please follow these links for instructions on how to upload single, multiple, and zipped files and folders:

Troubleshooting Issues In External Client Environments

Unable to login or issue displaying pages:

Within your browser, clear the cache/cookies and browsing history. This will ensure you are logging into a fresh session.

Cannot access the Collaborate website:

Frequently, a firewall may be blocking the website. In order to access Foley Collaborate, your IT department needs to un-block or whitelist this domain: //

Did not receive an invitation to Foley Collaborate:

This commonly occurs when your firewall is blocking incoming emails from To receive the invitations, please ask your IT department to un-block or whitelist the domain.

Problems accessing files, showing blank pages:

This is commonly seen in Internet Explorer, but can occur in other browsers. Add the Collaborate site URL to “trusted sites” within your internet browser: // This is typically a quick change done by the IT department.

Problem with documents not displaying properly:

If documents are not displayed correctly, e.g., incorrect fonts or signs and symbols displaying instead of text, clear the cache/cookies and browsing history from within your browser. Also, try a complete reboot of your machine.

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