Foley Ventures

As part of our comprehensive approach to delivering value to you, we are pleased to introduce Foley Ventures, Foley’s own venture capital fund exclusively for our clients.

Digital Assets, Web3, and NFTs

At a Glance

When you choose Foley, you get experienced attorneys who truly share your entrepreneurial spirit. Along with our full range of legal services for emerging companies, venture funds, and angel funds, we actively partner with our clients as business strategists and even investors.

Believing in Your Idea, Investing in Your Success

Through our extensive experience in working with countless private equity and venture capital funds and emerging companies, we have gained and offered remarkable insights to help spur innovation and rewarding investments in a variety of industries. But beyond advising you on legal and business issues, our commitment to your success means, quite simply, that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is and invest in your ideas.

A Simplified Approach to Investments

We have designed our fund to make our investment requirements simple.

If you are a venture fund, we will invest $200,000 side-by-side with your own investment in a portfolio company, so long as you meet the following key requirements:

If you are a start-up or emerging company, we also will invest $200,000 if you meet the following key requirements:

When the investment is made by an angel fund, Foley Ventures may invest $100,000, subject to similar requirements as above.

Investing in Emerging Companies

For years, our work for promising technology, life sciences, and cleantech companies included guidance on just about everything they needed, from IP, employee benefits, tax, finance, real estate, and corporate transactions. We helped our clients grow by actively introducing our fund clients and our emerging companies to each other through our FOLEY MatchmakerSM 2.0 tool and our personal connections in the industry. We are so thoroughly committed to your success that we do not simply stand on the sidelines as advisors; we tie our success to yours as investors in your idea.

Our Comprehensive Private Equity & Venture Capital Value Proposition

We know that you need more than legal insights and investment capital to succeed, which is why we offer a comprehensive value proposition that considers every aspect of your venture. You will benefit from value-billing and alternative-fee packages, award-winning technologies like our Budget Management Tool and Foley Collaborate that give you greater control and visibility into your legal matters, and our updated FOLEY Matchmaker 2.0 tool, which connects investors and start-ups seeking investments. These value-added services are in addition to our core offerings by our experienced attorneys who help you at each stage of development, from idea to exit strategy.