Litigation Support Services

Foley’s Litigation Support Services team is designed to support complex litigation economically and seamlessly, with automated document-handling processes and trained legal staff under the direction of seasoned Foley trial lawyers.

Our Litigation Support Services personnel are dedicated to assisting clients, attorneys, and paralegals in identifying the most efficient and cost-effective ways to manage litigation. We invest in the resources and skills to manage and support complex matters.

Litigation Support Services provides solutions to you by creatively managing litigation support projects. We anticipate obstacles and do everything we can to exceed your expectations. By providing services in-house, we are able to control the security and quality of our product. And, most importantly, throughout the life of each matter, members will work seamlessly with the trial team to deliver solutions that benefit you.

Litigation Support Services consults with you at the onset of a case to agree upon the best use of technology (e.g., database, images, OCR, extranet, spreadsheets) and continue to provide ongoing advice on the best practices for case management pertaining to documents and technology. We also develop, maintain, and oversee relationships with vendors and utilize volume to obtain pricing advantages.

Foley has dedicated national resources and access to a variety of tools to offer you the most efficient and cost-effective litigation support services available. Included among those resources are:

Access to several new technologies has given our trial team a distinct advantage in the courtroom. Litigation Support Services works with both attorneys and clients to determine the best use of these resources. For example, we:

  • Advise the trial team regarding available technology solutions for trial presentations
  • Identify trial support vendors for creation of trial exhibits, video digitization and transcript synchronization, and in-court trial assistance
  • Consult with the trial team regarding out-of-town trial equipment needs (e.g., office and equipment rentals, courtroom systems, local vendor assistance for copying and imaging)
  • Work directly with vendors to prepare exhibits and transcripts for electronic presentation
  • Work directly with the trial team to prepare video clips and annotated trial exhibits for presentation
  • Assist with trial presentation software in court

The use of technology provides efficiency, consistency, and responsiveness to meet the demands of even the most complex litigation matters. We offer:

  • In-house electronic data discovery
  • Conversion of outside data into Relativity
  • Troubleshooting for technical issues with litigation support software, including Relativity, Summation, Concordance, and image viewers
  • Database maintenance of all Citrix cases
  • Software testing

Lost or misplaced documents can compromise time and incur unnecessary costs during the litigation process. To reduce this risk, we have implemented a computerized document management system, streamlining efficiency during preparation for and conduct of a trial. These services include:

  • Design of coding sheets for document review and retrieval
  • Design of field structure for document database
  • Design of work flow for trial team and vendor review
  • Design of virtual case files (and extranet sites) for sharing case documents
  • Assistance in searching the database for document production
  • Assistance in compilation of witness information, third-party databases, and image subsets

Litigation Support Services recognizes that technology is not an effective tool without proper training. To maximize service for our clients, we provide our attorneys and paralegals with ongoing instruction and support on ways to use litigation software such as Summation, Concordance, Sanction, Review, and Legal Solutions.

We understand that the productive use of resources is important to the successful tactical planning of any litigation matter. Therefore, we have made it our commitment to proactively:

  • Identify vendors for peripheral litigation services (e.g., jury research, graphic design, videography, court reporting)
  • Coordinate production of hyperlinked electronic briefs
  • Train support personnel and manage electronic filings to meet court requirements

Technology-based collaboration and information sharing has enabled our attorneys to work with you in an anytime/anywhere environment, improving response times and the overall quality of attorney work product. We provide you with a dedicated FOLEY Collaborate extranet to track and manage matters and act as a repository for case files and other information. It represents the next generation in client collaboration. Built using industry-leading technologies, FOLEY Collaborate allows you instant access to information on any legal matter you have with Foley through a secured extranet Web site and adapts in real-time to the types of cases you are viewing.

Foley’s dedicated Litigation Support Services has the resources and personnel required to help facilitate the successful management of your next litigation project, no matter how complicated.

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