Foley’s Europe Practice represents European companies — ranging from some of the largest publicly traded to small start-up companies and individuals — in their dealings with the United States, and also acts for U.S. subsidiaries of European companies.

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As one of the largest economic groupings in the world, Europe remains one of the most important markets for U.S. companies looking to expand outside the United States. Foley has cultivated a sophisticated and thriving Europe Practice. Our long history dealing with European companies gives us the ability to provide you with insight into the legal, corporate, and business cultures prevalent in Europe, as well as an understanding of how European companies and executives perceive the United States and the risks of operation here.

Foley’s Europe Practice

If you are a European company looking to source or distribute goods globally, Foley can help. We have worked extensively with European companies in a wide range of industries — from life sciences and automotive to information technology, energy, insurance, and general commercial business. Through our industry-focused practices, we have the ability to counsel you on European intellectual property matters, European trade and competition matters, international tax structures, trade compliance, and internal investigations.

If you are a U.S. client looking to expand operations to Europe, we can leverage our significant experience to counsel you on EU product requirements, competition laws, business transactions, and other critical legal issues. Our office in Brussels, Belgium provides Foley with an access point for matters involving EU agencies, as well as an operating base to support our lawyers as they handle your matters throughout Europe. We have cultivated relationships with international law firms having a presence in all European countries. Our regular interaction with experienced counsel in these firms enables us to quickly staff and manage your transactions and other matters requiring legal support in the United States and Europe.