Midstream – Pipelines, Gathering, and Storage

An Invaluable Resource for Maximizing the Midstream

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There are countless hurdles to face as oil, natural gas, and other energy products make their way through midstream infrastructure. At Foley, we clear these obstacles with ease, equipping clients focused on processing, storage, and distribution with critical tools for productivity and profit. They rely on expert legal counsel to manage their businesses and meet their goals – and we have the right resources to help them navigate the bumps and barriers along the way.

Shifting regulatory markets challenge midstream companies to stay ahead of the curve. Fluctuations in the price of energy require effective management of capital spend – balancing the need to maximize infrastructure efficiencies against the pressures of paying shareholder dividends. The constant changes to the energy landscape necessitate strategic planning and advisors who have an ear to the ground.

There are also big movements toward energy transition. More and more, midstream companies are broadening their capabilities to include carbon capture and storage projects based on complicated pore space agreements. New emphasis is being placed on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, and hydrogen is an emerging area of opportunity. Foley’s 1,100 attorneys have seen and done it all. From renewables to regulatory compliance, negotiating contracts to leveraging tax credits, we have an unrivaled breadth of experience that will prime you for success and position you to come out on top.

That experience spans the comprehensive breadth of legal specialties including corporate, personal injury, and M&A. Our best-in-class litigators have had significant wins resolving disputes on pipeline easements, leaks and damages; dredging; storage confinement; crude quality; mechanical integrity of refineries; and more. It’s why billion-dollar companies and startups alike trust Foley to bring home the wins.

Driven by exponential growth in global energy demand, the industry continues to see a steady uptick in rig count and push to increase capacity. On the horizon is a new, hybrid energy future, one in which midstream companies will play a vital role – and Foley is here to assist in every way possible.

Our specific experience includes::

  • Acquisition and divestiture of assets and entities
  • Precedent agreements
  • Transportation agreements
  • Interconnection agreements
  • Rights-of-way/easements
  • Pipeline and other equipment purchases
  • Gas storage agreements
  • Construction contracts
  • Operation and maintenance agreements
  • Project development
  • Joint ventures/undivided interest projects
  • Private equity
    • Diligence
    • Equity
    • Debt
  • Litigation and arbitration
  • LNG projects
    • Project development
    • Intellectual property
    • Environmental permitting matters